God Only Knows


1) Setup your phone or camera to record yourself
2) Press record on your device
3) Press play on your selected backing track (listened to on headphones)
4) Clap after the first series of pips
5) Play along with the backing track after the 4 bar count in
6) Upload your recording using the form at www.theisolationchoir.co.uk

Backing Tracks (mp3)

Backing tracks include a midi rendition of each part. ‘Backing-No-Brass’ contains no midi brass instruments (just keys and voice). ‘Backing-All-Brass’ contains all the brass parts as midi instruments.

The first 3 pips are for you to clap after when you record (3, 2, 1 clap) – this helps with syncing everything up. The next series of bips are a 4-bar count into the first bar. See below for sheet music.

Please wear headphones to listen to your selected backing track when recording

Sheet Music (pdf)

Sheet music for each part plus the full score.