Here are a few videos of various musical things.

Phoenix Group

I helped the Phoenix Group learn to play instruments such as the ukulele and keyboard. Then along with instruments they already knew how to play we wrote and recorded some music together.

The Living Well

This project involved Students from Simon Langton School for Boys and members of Sing to Beat Parkinson’s group “Skylarks”. We built a piece around improvisations and recordings made on zoom, in participants houses and eventually in person.


Fortopia was a collaboration between the Montrose Composers’ Club and visual artist Matt Rowe. Matt was artist in residence at Fort Burgoyne in Dover and made the visuals for this video on site, having designed and made costumes inspired by ghillie suits. This work was installed at Fort Burgoyne for the Waking the Giant open day on 29th February 2020 where members of the MCC also performed live (my last pre-covid gig!)

Molly’s Lips – Morphine

This is a currently unreleased track based on an old american banjo song. The song has been rearranged and an extra verse written. This video was recorded at Woodburner – a brilliantly curated, weekly music night in Dalston.

Cocos Lovers – Witches

The band responsible for making me ever consider doing music full time. This is a track from our last record released in 2019 with a moody video filmed on the site of our own Smugglers Festival.